Consumer Alert: Avoid Online Cash Advance Scams


What do you think of online cash advances? It is a saving grace for many American citizens. Faced with life’s hardships, they have no choice but to subscribe money to private funders like Instant Сash Advance.

Desperate to get the necessary amount of money, people often find themselves in the trap of a con artist. Interestingly, lenders can also face fraudulent clients. Take a look at Advance America. This national financial services provider was recently faced with a scam targeting customers in North Carolina. According to official reports, some people identified themselves as representatives of Advance America. They contacted local residents and offered them online cash advance services. Many people have relied on scammers by submitting their documents and sending their money as a condition of qualification. Of course, these crooks have nothing to do with Advance America. They were just using the well-known name to reap the financial benefits of the situation.

The more savvy scammers use the stall device by taking the form of contacting locals and claiming that their same day online cash advance service request has been confirmed. Hearing the person’s confusion, they keep saying that a prepaid debit card is required for the final authentication process. Believe it or not, a lot of people buy this story. They realize the gravity of the situation after writing money to the scammer’s account.

Scammers often refer to their legitimate services. Meanwhile, real finance companies like Advance America must take the brunt of someone’s misconduct. The federal government is trying to get the situation under control. But he cannot maintain the whole market.

Advance America encourages consumers to read the warning signs of financial fraud. Because the consequences will have to be taken by all parties except the real crooks. If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, you should immediately report it to local law enforcement and the finance company that the scammer claims to represent. This is the only way to handle the situation.

Learn the signs of a scam

The financial sector is strictly regulated by federal law. This includes real bill collectors and finance companies like who must follow universal standards.

According to the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collectors cannot enforce physical or moral abuse against debt holders. During this time, finance companies must provide adequate conditions at no additional cost. US law covers the subject of criminal liability for illegal actions in the financial field.

Criminal charges can also be imposed on fraudsters, namely finance companies who try to steal money from borrowers. Illegal services that claim to provide help only see money to be withdrawn from people who are already in financial trouble. It’s important to avoid loan services that ask for your bank details, prepayments, and other information that doesn’t seem relevant to online cash advances.

How to avoid scams

In addition to understanding how lenders and bill collectors can work together, you should also take steps to protect yourself against possible risks. Federal specialists provide all potential borrowers with the following recommendations:

  • Never reveal your personal details like your social security number and online banking details with a legitimate funder or bill collector. Check the company’s licenses before submitting your application online. Legitimate funders will display their license number on the homepage so that everyone can see their authorization.
  • Watch out for emails with unexpected and even weird requests for personal and financial data. If an email makes false statements, it is most likely a scam.
  • Never wire money or make a prepayment to a finance company. It just doesn’t make sense. You refer to the finance company for help. Why would they ask you for money now? If you think this is part of the verification process, you shouldn’t. This is not the way reliable lenders work.
  • Keep track of your debt and subsequent payments. Also, keep the contact details of the funder written in your notebook for constant communication.
  • Check your bank, credit and debit card accounts at all times to make sure they are not being attacked by third parties. At the same time, take a look at your credit report. If it goes down, you might have other problems getting new loans in your name.
  • If someone approaches you saying you owe them a debt, ask them for proof. If this is true, they must have a contract that has been submitted between the two parties. If they have nothing, they are just lying. As simple as it can be!

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