After the visit, the accreditor keeps UA Global Campus informed | University


The commission is expected to conduct another site visit in the spring of 2023, at which time it will again assess how well UA Global Campus has responded to these latest guidelines.

AU responsible for results

Despite the notice of concern, UA Global Campus, which has approximately 28,000 students, remains accredited and eligible to raise Title IV funds, which include federal grants and loans that the majority of students use to pay for their education there. -low. But, if after its next visit, the accreditor is not satisfied with the performance of UA Global Campus, the school could face sanctions, which would bring it closer to the total loss of its accreditation and make it ineligible for raise Title IV funds.

Whatever happens in that time frame is now also the concern of the AU.

In 2020, Arizona’s flagship public university acquired the assets of Ashford, which was a for-profit online college notorious for using aggressive recruiting tactics to mislead students about the cost and quality of a education there. The UA renamed it the nonprofit UA Global Campus, and the two were to remain separate entities, accredited by two different agencies and governed by two different boards.

Then, in January, UA announced its intention to fully absorb UA Global Campus, after the federal Department of Education threatened to remove the online school’s ability to raise Title IV funds. The UA and the UA Foundation now provide the financial support for UA Global Campus Title IV eligibility, making the UA accountable for the performance of UA Global Campus.


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