About Us At PDLCN


We are online consolidation service called PDLC (PayDayLoanConsolidation.net) for people who have taken out multiple payday loans and are in urgent need to reduce the amount of money owed. The service is simple and non-binding.bad-credit

It starts off with you filling out your details into our online form. Your form will then be sent to a loan officer who will call you in regards to your application. Please have all details on hand so they can make a decent assessment of what you owe and who to.  This part is absolutely free and it determines if your debts can be consolidated and settled.

You can submit anytime but please be aware on weekends you may not receive an answer until Monday, so please be patient but you can be assured we will get back to you the same day or next day during the business week.jump
If you have too many  payday debts, please do not delay, you need our service immediately because you know you are paying a shocking amount of interest and fees. Keep off the burden and be free from debt with PDLCN